Are there book keeping functions that are diluting your time and effectiveness?

Are there tasks that incur penalties if performed late, or incorrectly?

How often do you these tasks need to be completed? Can these actions can be automated?

What type of professional service is available and at what cost?



In the early stages, most business owners manage every aspect of their company independently. As the business grows, though, and they begin to add human resources and expand facilities, costs increase and the entrepreneur quickly responsible for a lot more than simply managing operations.

That first request for an HST remittance may be confusing, and they may not understand why the company incurred that tax penalty. Having a bookkeeper to handle the record keeping, tax calculations and other numerous items that may require attention will not only impact profitability, but will also allow the owner to focus on other important aspects of the company that require their expertise and skill.

When evaluating whether your business is at the right stage to hire a bookkeeping service, the following questions should be asked:

Apostrophe Accounting offers a wide variety of bookkeeping services including:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping Requirements
  • Payrol Processing (including direct deposit)
  • Government Filing – HST, EHT, WSIB, T4, T5018, Source Deductions
  • Bank, Credit Card and GL Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting and Budget Tracking
  • Year-end Preparation
  • Accounting Software Setup
  • Consultation and Training

When you outsource Apostrophe Accounting to handle your bookkeeping needs, you can be confident that your company’s record keeping and tax filing will be accurate and up to date. Our clients receive high-level financial accounting expertise to suit their budget, with tailored solutions that can be increased during busier periods, or scaled back at other times. Most importantly, our bookkeeping service will ensure that the cost to file your income tax at year end is dramatically reduced.